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Nam Chau (Dry Curry Mee) @ Old Town, Ipoh

By March 20, 2019FOOD 食物
Nam Chau

Nam Chau

Hmm, my favourite breakfast spot in Ipoh Old Town; Kedai Kopi Nam Chau. I was introduced to this place by my aunt who frequents this place with her family almost every Sunday (the shop’s closed on Saturdaythough). Famous for  the curry noodles, and various toasts/sandwiches, as well as their coffee, Nam Chau has opened up another branch in Bandar Baru Menglembu recently.

In addition to that, Nam Chau has another branch in First Garden of Ipoh (as of November 2009), which is doing quite well itself.

Nam Chau Dry Curry Mee

Nam Chau Dry Curry Mee

Other than Nam Chau’s famous curry noodles, they also serve chicken soup noodle (or Kai See Hor Fun, roughly translated to Chicken Shreds with Flat Rice Noodles in Soup), roasted pork, and a strangely-named noodle dish named ‘Tar Lan Wun’, roughly translated to ‘Break the Bowl’, which is translucent strands of glass vermicelli noodles (tang hoon) in soup, and served with fishballs and Chinese crullers (Yau Char Kwai). For a lighter meal, they have various toasts and sandwiches, the most memorable being half boiled eggs on toast, RM2.60, and the usual kaya-butter toasts. Another one of my personal favourite is their deep-fried sesame buns, with lotus paste fillings. A serving of 3 pieces is priced at RM2.00.

Location : Nam Chau Coffee Shop @ 54, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak. Opens from 7am until 3pm. Closed on Saturdays. The other two outlets are in Menglembu Baru, and another in First Garden.


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