Nam Chau Dry Curry Paste 南洲百搭干咖喱酱 (Buy 5 free 1!!!)


Nam Chau Dry Curry Paste 南洲百搭干咖喱酱

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Product Description

– Signature Instant Dry Curry Paste (Each pack is for 2 pax)

– 100g x 2 pax

– Only 220 kcal, suitable for people who wants to keep fit

– Vegetarians are welcomed

– Thick, rich and flavorful taste with spices and herbs, less spicy 

– Perfect match with all kinds of food

– Instant, convenient & easy to prepare (Only 3 minutes), preparation method is provided on packaging 

– Do not need to add on seasoning 

– Coconut powder (Santan) is provided

– No preservatives added & essence free 

– Cholesterol free 

– 经典招牌即食干咖喱酱料(每包含有 2人份)

– 100克 x 2 人份

– 只有 220 卡路里,无需担心会肥胖

– 素食者也可食用

– 浓郁,香浓,每一口都可品尝到香料,微辣且不油腻 

– 百搭酱料,可搭配多种食物

– 即食,方便又简单 (只需 3分钟), 包装上也提供烹煮步骤 

– 无需另加任何调味料 

– 提供椰浆粉,顾客无需自备

– 不含防腐剂, 无添加香精 

– 不含胆固醇 

* Preservative Method & Expiry Date 储存方式和保鲜期:

*Room Temperature 室温 – 2 months (2个月)

*Frozen 冷藏 – 6 months (6个月)

– 干咖喱的最佳食材搭配 What can you cook with our curry paste?

1) 白饭 Rice 2) 肉类/ 鱼类/ 海鲜 Meat/ Fish/ Seafood 4) 面类 Noodles 5)面包/ 煎饼 Bread/ Roti Canai 6) 饺子 Dumplings 7) 腌制酱料 Marinating 8) 火锅汤底 Steamboat Soup 9) 沙爹酱料 Satay Sauce 10) 清蒸 Steam 11) 粥 Porridge 12) 鱿鱼蕹菜 Cuttlefish Kangkung

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Restaurant Nam Chau, one of Ipoh city’s most popular food outlets in the Old Town area. It was established on year 2005 and has 16 years of history. We are popular for our own brand of coffee called the Nam Chau White Coffee.

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