Target Market: End User Customer

Value Created:

i. House buyer satisfaction

– help them to get their comfortable and affordable dream house for building an harmony and happy family.

ii. Property Investor

– get a good long term return on investment, maximize their profit and investment value.

We believe that helping clients to grow in long-term basis bringing us satisfaction, not only the clients’ wealth, but also their life. In GFG, we offer property investment service that helps clients to maximize the return on property investment with the lowest risk. The service is designed with the art of personalization where we spend big amount of time to understand the deep details of the properties and also the clients’ criteria, budget and investment preferences.To make the service effective and professional, we build the in-house GFG method by dividing it to 3 main sections, including:

  • Property Marketing
  • Mortgage Advisory
  • Financial Services
  • Event Management & Promotional Space Rental

Through GFG method, we are able to recommend to clients when an appropriate property that matches to their criteria is available. By analyzing the detail data of the property and merging with our fast action, the outcome will be perfectly suitable for each of individual client. It is an on-going service to make property investment a hassle-free effort for our clients.