About Us

About Us

GFG Sdn Bhd (GFG) was incorporated in Malaysia in 2010 and is engaged in range of real estate & property related businesses. It was started from property investment advisory to property project development. In this age of information technology, many things have been made much easier and accessible. Simple & Intergraded is one of two key components to great success. But, never before have we come across a simple, yet reliable platform that provides a wide range of real estate & property related services to our clients.

GFG core business is to provide property investment solution advisory to its clients. It is aspired to create a one-stop solution that allows individuals or businesses to not only market & purchase property but to seek professional mortgage advice at breeze.

A great company is nothing without a trustworthy partner. GFG has strategically affiliated with many renowned real estate agencies and mortgage advisory agencies to provide reliable and exceptional services to the clients. From real estate to banking finance, and up to risk management, GFG is always ready to address any problems within its reach.

Apart from the comprehensive services it offers, GFG also provides several business services that help their property investor not only create the most value from property deals, but to ensuring them has the opportunity to work together in the future. A Homestay management company which under GFG, named as CenHouzz aims to help property investors to create long term and great rental income by convert their property assets into homestay under CenHouzz Management. The outcome has created an avenue to support many property businesses to flourish and walking away with substantial deals. Besides than that, GFG is involved in property construction & Renovation and Property project development.

The vision and core values uphold by GFG have successfully paved a way to distinguish its services from other market leaders. Dedicated to serve its clients with only the best, GFG understands the importance of keeping promises. If any individuals or organizations were looking for a reliable and comprehensive real estate & Property services, GFG would certainly be it.

Our Mission

To become the leading investment solution firm
in property industry by providing accurate,
reliable and professional investment strategy
and advice to our customers. Provide the best
services in our industry.

Who We Are

GFG was incorporated in Malaysia in 2010
and we are one stop investment solution
company that provides wide range of services
across Property, Banking, & Financial
service industry.

Our Management Team

GFG SDN BHD management team consist of 5 equally hard working individual. They are: Mr Nick Chuah , Mr Dawson Lam, Mr Charles Yuen, Mr Marcus Lai, and Mr Ng Wai Min . Each Director has a specific job in which they bring a different level of experience and skill to the company’s table.

The dynamic management team of GFG Sdn Bhd come from different specialties of different industry. Each and every one of them had years of experience in Property, Mortgage, Financial Services, Homestay, Marketing. With the passion, hardworking, goal oriented, sincerity to these few industries, Ever since, inspired them to diversify and created the one of its kind comprehensive platform and set up a professional workforce to serve the industry’s market better.

The team has built the Company to be a fast growing and independent One Stop Marketing Company which benefit to their Clients and also Business Associates in their career path.